Computer Upgrades & System Maintenance

Do you want to upgrade to Windows 10? Are you running out of hard drive space? Need a better video card to play that new video game? Express Computer Clinic can help. We can help you choose the parts you need to get your computer up to speed, and upgrade to fit growing needs.

System Maintenance is very important to keep your computer protected. System maintenance is critical to keeping systems running smoothly and preventing unplanned disruptions. We also offer diagnostic services if you are experiencing any disruption or abnormalities in your machine.

Data Recovery

We know how important your data is to you. Whether you have mistakenly deleted an important document, or your hard drive has failed, our Express Computer Clinic can assist you in getting your data back. From hard drives to flash drives, Express Computer Clinic can recover data from almost any media. Multiple recovery options are available, ranging from software utilities for corrupted operating systems and virus/spyware attacks, to clean-room recovery for mechanical failures. We can help you determine which recovery option is right for your situation.